Tuesday, February 10, 2009

IDEA # 25

On a special occasion like your partner's birthday, plan a treasure hunt for
her. The fun begins when you suggest going for a walk on the beach.

When you get to the beach, carry a small bag with you. The bag contains a
bottle that you prepared earlier. Inside the bottle is a treasure map. To make
the treasure map look authentic, burn the edges with a match.

As you are walking, slip the bottle out of your bag and let it drop to the sand
near the water's edge. You may have to pause and kiss your partner to do
this unnoticed. Walk a little further up the beach then turn around and retrace
your steps to 'discover' the bottle.

On the map have a dotted line leading from the beach to a nearby cafe. At
the cafe, your partner won't know what to look for so suggest that you just sit
down and have a cup of coffee.

When the waitress delivers the coffee, she suggests to your partner that she
might find what she is looking for under the coaster. When your partner turns
over the coaster she finds a key taped to the bottom. Obviously you will have
to set this up before hand with the waitress. Most waitresses will be happy to
help a romantic guy out with this type of thing.

At the next stop on the map, your partner finds or is given a spade. Then at
the last stop on the map your partner finds a large 'X' made up of two crossed
sticks. She digs and discovers a locked box. The key unlocks the box to
reveal her present.

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